Textured & Tactile Coatings

Textured & Tactile Coatings

OPM can apply Textured and Tactile Coatings to labels and packaging to give characteristics that add value through touch and feel.

Texture Coatings are created by adding particles to a UV-coating base through a silk-screen printing process.

The coating mix can be opaque or transparent, allowing any colour, graphic, or text to be printed visibly beneath the application. Tactile coatings do not have to be printed across the whole of a product’s packaging to be of benefit they can be added to specific areas to increase functionality or for decorative effect.

Coatings can be used to simulate materials such as skin, fabric, wood and metal and add a touch me feel me impact to images.

Functional Qualities

The coatings are designed to print a raised character to be readable in Braille. The screen ink is strong enough to withstand repeated touch and flexible enough to be applied to a label.

Coatings can also be used to provide a non-slip grip surface to both labels and laminate surfaces.

Applications include:

  •  Bottle and Cans labelling
  •  Health and Beauty packaging
  •  Cosmetic products
  •  Non Slip Grip e.g. products used in wet conditions
  •  Braille
  •  Raised Warning Triangles for toxic, flammable and dangerous products
  •  Pharmaceutical Products

Designers, brand owners, product manufacturers who are interested in the concept should come and talk to us sales@opmgroup.co.uk
The opportunities are endless.