OPM will work with you to make sure your labels meet the automotive specifications required: interior or under bonnet.

Our automotive labels are resistant to oil and grease. The labels provide optimum adhesion, adhesives are specified depending on the surface to which it is to be bonded painted metal, metal and tyres are all catered for. The automotive requirements for heat and abrasion resistance dictate constructions with polyester laminates. A white polyester face stock is necessary for many of these harsh environments.

OPM ensure that the many parts that require a label in a vehicle – barcode, batch code, manufacturer, etc, last the life of the vehicle.

Labelling components also improve process tracking in the warehouse and improve workflow.

OPM supply labels, sachet laminate and wet wipe packaging for a wide variety of car care products including cleaning products, car waxes, car polish, lubricants, de-greases and wet wipes.

Ideas for Automotive labels;

  • Clear on clear material “no-look” labels
  • Screen print
  • Adhesive selection ranges from 2 mil high temperature acrylic to 5 mil high-tack acrylic
  • Tactile varnish (grip for wet products)
  • Waterproof laminated labels
  • Sachets up to 10 colours
  • Peel and reseal colour matched to labels and sachets


  • Security labels
  • Cleaner and de-greaser sachets
  • Lube Sachets
  • Tyre labels
  • Instruction warning labels
  • Clean & valet product labelling inside and out
  • Labelling for component parts – disc brakes, air bags, engine blocks, etc
  • Service history labels
  • Wet wipes – for hygiene, cleaning and polishing