Peel & Reveal Labels

(Also known by other names – Booklet labels, IRCs, (instant redeemable coupons), peel off labels, dry peel labels and on pack labels).

When space limitations restrict the amount of copy on a label, it is possible to include on a single layer label, a multi-layer peel and reveal label offers the solution.

OPM has advanced combination presses custom built for and dedicated to peel and reveal / pack coupon labels. We can manufacture multi-page labels up to 8 sides (4 pages) featuring both graphics and text.

OPM offer a wide range of peel and reveal labels with a self-adhesive base label incorporating a dry removable top layer to reveal extra print surfaces. Peel and reveal label constructions offer unlimited possibilities for solving the problem of overcrowded labels.

These innovative labels easily accommodate:

Multi-languages, lengthy instructions, additional information, guidelines recipes, cooking instructions, nutritional information, cross-promotion coupons to name a few.
If you need to increase the amount of information on your product but do not want to or cannot increase the size of your current packaging.

OPM Peel and Reveal construction features include:

The individual pages are bonded together using a permanent hinge, with adhesive kill on the face material for easy reveal. If you’d prefer complete removal of the top layer, we can produce a no hinge option.

The peel and read label can be used in isolation or applied to an advanced base label for a very special look.

  • OPM work with a wide range of materials and will help you with a specification to suit your product.
  • Wide range of shapes, sizes and material options available.
  • Printed in up to 8 colours.
  • OPM can create a four sided printable, 2 layer self-adhesive label.
  • Multi-page labels can be produced for both flat and curved surfaces.
  • We offer a range of sizes and shapes.
  • A variety of reseal options.
  • Removable label top ply with no adhesive residue. OPM can create a four sided printable 2 layer self-adhesive label.
  • Ability to print on four surfaces with the base surface being either a white or clear film.
  • Will withstand wet, cold, and humid environments.
  • Clear labels left on the product can be printed or transparent.

In addition to cold foil and tactile effects OPM also has the ability to add scent to your peel and reveal labels.