Blank Labels

Blank Labels

The OPM Group are one of the UK’s largest and best respected manufacturers of blank labels in a broad range of sizes, enabling you to overprint them with your own product details or stock data.

Made to order from any material for product coding, stocktaking, overprinting, writing on etc., also white and coloured for thermal transfer printers. Labels are provided on the roll for use with your thermal transfer printers. OPM supplies premium quality thermal transfer ribbons and the thermal printer machines needed to overprint your labels on your own premises.

Our high speed production enables quick turnaround of labels for all machinery, across all run lengths.

OPM advises you, and produces the best label to meet your specific requirements. In the shape, colour and size that you specify. We cut them out completely, to your requested size and ship straight from the factory direct to you, saving you time and money. Our prices go lower and lower as the quantity you buy increases.

If you need samples to test, please call or email your requirements and we will be happy to supply a sample to trial and help with any additional information as we have extensive knowledge of a wide range of blank labelling solutions, particularly their compatibility with thermal transfer printers.

For additional help please contact the team: