OPM print films and laminates used to manufacture vertical & horizontal form, fill & seal bags and can be using a wide variety of materials.

Usually very flexible films or laminates are used to form the pack, allowing a bag to be filled with increased quantity of product, greater than a similar sized sachet.

Typically bags are filled with dry products such as granules, powders or solid items.

Innovation in packaging materials now also make it possible to fill bags with liquids such as liquid soaps or cleaning agents.

OPM ensure the choice of materials is agreed with their Customers to ensure that the intended product content does not react with the bag material, and also that the material has sufficient ‘barrier’ properties to protect the pack contents for the intended shelf life of the product.

OPM printed laminates provide optimum puncture resistance and aroma barrier properties for food products e.g. coffee beans and ground coffee ensuring both freshness and aroma can be contained.

Product detail

  • UV Flexographically  printed up to nine colours
  • Processable through vertical & horizontal form, fill & seal, or fill and seal packing machinery
  • Excellent gloss, toughness, stiffness, good scalability, excellent moisture vapour and oxygen barrier
  • Properties
  • Food Contact Approved

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