Fragranced Inks

Fragrance doesn’t have to be used for only selling cosmetics and perfumes it can be used to sell food, beverages, cleaning products to name a few successful sectors. It can enhance your customers buying experience enticing them to purchase a product by allowing them to see, touch and smell your product before they purchase.

Scratch and sniff ink:- OPM can add custom and standard stock scents (listed below) to any label and packaging we produce.

Fragrance lacquers are manufactured from a fragrance which has been microencapsulated in plastic spheres. When scratched, some of the spheres are ruptured; this releases an odour that is normally related to an image being displayed under the coating. Because of the micro-encapsulation, the aroma can be preserved for extremely long periods of time so the scent can be activated over and over again.

Fragrance ink can be printed in any pattern. The system is designed not to release the scent before it is scratched.

Applications include:

  •  Promotional mailings/Magazine inserts
  •  CD covers
  •  Giveaways
  •  Event marketing
  •  Food products
  •  Cosmetics and Perfumes
Misc Fruit Flowers Wood Herbs & Spices
Cappuccino Apple Jasmine Cedar Basil
Chocolate Banana Lavender Oakwood Cinnamon
Coffee Blackberry Lily Pine Ginger
Grass Cherry Magnolia Sandalwood Juniper
New Car Grape Poppy flower Spruce
Onion Lemon Rose Strawberry
Peanut Melon Sunflower
Pizza Orange
Tobacco Peach
Tomato Pear
Designers, brand owners, product manufacturers who are interested in the concept should come and talk to us 

The opportunities are endless