Security Labels

OPM offer a range of label constructions and materials specifically developed to enhance product security and minimise the risks associated with package tampering such as malicious poisoning and grazing.

Depending on the level of sophistication required, simple low-cost options and more complex solutions are available, for machine or hand application.

These labels are used for at-risk applications from heavy-regulated pharmaceutical packaging and over-the-counter drugs, personal care products, to high-priced electronics, and trouble-free closures for manufacturer and consumer protection.

Security labels also improve product authenticity, help validate and detect product altering while reducing retail theft and fraud.

A common route is to use clear labels with special die-cuts, so that product /pack graphics are not obscured. Alternatively, the security tab can be built into the product label common for jar seals.  Various destructible materials are available – with the combination of face stock and adhesive specially constructed to make ‘clean’ removal from the host product completely impossible.

Security features available;

  • Tamper evident void patterns
  • Highly destructible papers and vinyls
  • Holographic polyesters films

Products available;

  • Destructible vinyl labels
  • Die cut seal
  • Void labels
  • Tamper Evident labels
  • Asset labels
  • Barcodes and numbering
  • Brand name seals – cosmetics