In-the-round (ITR) technology

In-the-round (ITR) technology

With recent investment in new presses OPM can now offer In-the-round (ITR) technology. In-the-round (ITR) technology refers to digitally imaged, continuous polymer printing sleeves.

Photopolymer sleeves imaged in-the-round help to eliminate a host of problems associated with conventional flexo plate mounting. These problems include plate lift and bounce, misregistration, distortion, and waste.

ITR eliminates plate mounting and opens up the opportunity for seamless designs. Imaging “in position” ensures perfect registration accuracy. Lightweight, disposable sleeves for easy handling.

Improved balance due to the elimination of mounting tape. Impression weight is lower than flat plates due to improved ink transfer and the uniformity of plate height, leading to lower dot gain and improved uniformity across the web. Mounting tape is replaced by a press adapter.

These are available with different levels of compressibility. Conventional plate mounting is also eliminated and the result is an outstanding level of register accuracy between colours.