Laminated Films

Laminated Films

OPM laminate a wide range of substrates to provide the best available packaging format. Laminates available provide strength and barrier properties, print clarity, trapped print eliminating scuff and peelable webs for consumer convenience. Each specific barrier material and formulation has its own unique barrier properties – Customised to specification.

Our purpose built site, follows HACCP and is BRC IOP (CAT 1) approved – recognised high risk products accreditation which allows us to supply a wide range of manufacturers in various market sectors.

Useful for: – Bakery, biscuits, coffee, confectionery, dairy, detergents, frozen foods, medical, pastry, pet food and snack foods.

Product detail

OPM have worked closely with their press manufacturers to offer the latest cold UV, in line, laminating systems technology for taint free food requirements. Substrates available include:

  • PET – polyester
  • MPET – metallised polyester
  • BOPP – biaxially oriented polypropylene
  • Met BOPP – metallised biaxially oriented polypropylene
  • CPP – cast polypropylene
  • Paper
  • Foil
  • Cellophane
  • Nylon

Choosing the right film

When deciding which laminated film is correct for your application, these factors must be considered:

What kind of climate do you wish to maintain?
Most films control moisture well, but oxygen transmission varies.

How long do you wish to maintain the climate?
There’s no reason to use the most effective film if you only need to maintain a controlled atmosphere for a few days, but long term storage demands better barrier properties.

How will you maintain the climate?
An active system is more forgiving than one based on absorbents.

Do you wish to make visual inspections of the enclosed objects?
Films vary in clarity and colour, some are opaque.

Do you need your packaging cost to be cost engineered?
We can source materials to suit your budget whilst maintaining quality and ensuring it is still fit for purpose.

Whatever your requirement, we can help. Simply call us to discuss your requirements.