Our printing expertise allows us to find solutions for difficult products – we specialise in those jobs that other printers just can’t handle with complicated designs and multi layered constructions.

We currently produce sachet laminate for the products below;

  • Liquids – (e.g. water, alcohol).
  • Creams & Gels – Used extensively by the cosmetics, personal care and haircare industries, as well as many others. (e.g. shampoo, car polish)
  • Pastes (e.g. mud masks, grease).
  • Solid Items – (e.g. cards, air fresheners).
  • Impregnated Wipes – Sachets containing a fluid dose and accompanying tissue wipes (e.g. Hand wipes, VDU wipes,insect repellant).
  • Free flowing powders – (e.g. Citric Acid crystals, hygiene products)
  • Non free flow powders – (e.g. French chalk, talcum powder and Veterinary powders).
  • Granules in sachets – (with a liquid if required).
  • Applicators in sachets – (swab-sticks, patches etc. Gaining increasing usage and popularity in the medical sector).

Generally the higher the batch quantity, the lower the price. Lead times depend upon the type of materials you require. Some high quality laminates can take several weeks to procure. Typically however, we require about 2-3 weeks to produce a new sachet from receiving the artwork. If the laminate is a re-run of a previous job, we can normally produce within a week of receiving your order.

OPM’s sachet laminate has a number of advantages: appealing design and enhanced graphic presentation thanks to flexographic printing, long product shelf life, high puncture resistance when the product contains particulates, sterilisability, simple handling and easy opening, low weight which means little waste.

Sachets are becoming the first choice, for packaging many medical, cosmetic and household products. The distinct advantage is that each individual sachet provides the consumer with a new, clean and fresh product each time. With sachets it’s all about promoting and supplying your products in convenient, distinctive and affordable portions, so that the consumers get to know and like your brand which also makes them ideal for sampling.

Whatever you are looking for, our team are here to help and advise you. Please call us or complete the enquiry form to discuss your requirements in more detail.