Coin Reactive Inks

Coin Reactive Inks
OPM Innovations – Coinreactive Inks

Take your printed packaging one step further to grab the attention of your customer – by making them interact with your marketing. Applications are limitless.

The image when printed on suitable substrate appears to be invisible to the eye the ink is white or transparent. The ink is manufactured from a special pigment which will appear when rubbed smoothly with the edge of any metallic object, e.g. the edge of a coin or paperclip.

The image or message is revealed by rubbing the printed surface; the ink reacts to the metal in the coin and changes to dark grey. This provides for immediate verification of document authenticity without the use of any special devices. Coin reactive ink cannot be scanned or copied and once rubbed the effect is irreversible.

Applications include;

  1. Promotional Marketing – Competitions
  2. Giveaways
  3. Event marketing – special offers
  4. Security – authentication devices
  5. Games for children

Designers, brand owners, product manufacturers who are interested in the concept should come and talk to us
The opportunities are endless.