Supplement & Nutritional

Cost effectively labelling multiple SKUs, whilst maintaining high levels of quality and consistency are a common challenge in the supplement/nutritional manufacturers and contract packing industry.

OPM produce labels, printed laminate for sachets, bars and pouches covering a variety of nutritional health supplements and health products, including antioxidants, liquid vitamins, minerals, health bars and protein shakes.

With increased consumer demand, for nutritional supplement products OPM understand that we need to offer new packaging designs, materials, ink finishes and laminates that help manufacturers and brand managers distinguish their products in such a competitive market.

Colour matching is one way to attract attention, a custom colour matched to your brand’s bottles and lids across labels, sachets, flow wrap is easily achievable. Reverse Printing of labels gives the added benefit of additional room for ingredients etc.

Pharmaceutical and health supplement packaging regulations are stringent with detailed requirements for labelling. The labels need to provide detailed use information and warnings; the labels must be resistant to chipping or scraping so the very small print is always legible. The label also must adhere permanently to the container for the life of the product as well as having outstanding shelf appeal.

Basic Packaging Guidelines

Product labelling has always been an important aspect in conveying quality. The best label and packaging in the Nutritional Health and Sports industry follow a few simple guidelines.