Flow Wraps

Flow Wraps

Flow Wrapping is a horizontal packaging technique used for both single and multipack applications.

These films can have the following features integrated:

  • Barrier – High
  • Heat resistance
  • Peel
  • Permanent seal or early seal ability

OPM produce a wide range of products for food packaging including:

Flow wraps, food wraps and confectionery wraps. OPM printed films are an optimum solution for the growing market for snacks, energy bars and on-the-go products.

Our purpose built site, follows HAACP and is BRC IOP (CAT 1) approved high risk product accreditation, which allows us to supply a wide range of food manufacturers.

Products include: flow wrap / cookie wrap printed on flow wrap on Polypropylene (BOPP) and Polyesters. We also supply plain flow wrap. We specialize in small runs from 50 kg and can provide a quick and efficient turn around for your convenience. Uses include confectionery, cookie wrap and the like. All flow wrap is FDA compliant.

Confectionery wrap useful for cereal bars, chocolate and sugar confectionery, snack foods. OPM provide clear wraps plain or printed. Confectionery films cover the full range of base materials available and is very much dependent on the desired retail result. These cover the highly decorative basic polyethylene bags, to laminated polypropylenes and metallised structures.

OPM offer a range of materials suitable for the confectionery market and related products that lend themselves to outer bags, inner wraps and provide shelf-life for ingredients such as nuts. Flexographic printing up to nine colours is available for that stand-out imagery and colours and buy me appeal.
Non food flow wrap flow wrapping is an extremely versatile packing method that is adaptable for use with many products OPM provide flow wrap to encapsulate irregular sized or solid products in clear or printed film e.g.  dry, solid products such as sponges, cutlery, cloths, razor blades etc.