Our Products

You work hard to produce your products, to get them to market and sell them to your customers, choosing the right packaging partner is essential whatever market sector you are competing in.

Packaging does a lot more than just engage with a consumer and stand out in its category. Packaging tells consumers how to use your product and communicates its features and benefits.

And packaging does more than any other marketing element to brand your product and establish its identity. OPM produce labels and packaging elements to work with your specific production equipment.

With the products below we offer you a one stop shop solution.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels offer a great deal of flexibility for front and back or single label applications. The high quality printing, variety of paper face stocks and film, custom die-cutting and multiple finishing options offer design and creative flexibility on almost any container type, size and shape.

Pressure sensitive labels are comfortable, making them suitable for a broad variety of container shapes. Whether it’s a uniquely contoured shape or squeezable application, pressure sensitive labels provide the functionality to meet your needs. Their durability is also ideal for on-product promotions, integrated security such as tamper evidence, and reseal ability.

Pressure sensitive labels can enable more efficient manufacturing and higher labelling speeds and application processes for both short and long run production volumes. The label application is more exact and reliable offering improved setup, clean up and changeover times as well as less down time and lower process scrap material.


  • Single or Multi-Ply Films for Form/Fill/Seal Machines, or Sachet Production
  • Aluminium or Metalised Films
  • Flow wrap Film
  • Coated Films
  • Breathable Films/ Barrier Films
  • Overwrapping and Direct Food Contact Solutions

Thermal Printing Services

Printing thermal labels for you so you don’t have to (include serial numbers, database items.)

Thermal Printers

We can supply reliable, economical thermal printer machines, enabling you to overprint your own blank labels with specific variable data, on your own premises.