Glow in the dark Inks

Glow in the dark Inks

Phosphorescent Ink absorbs sunshine or the light of electric lamp and stores light energy.

It glows spontaneously when moved into a dark area, giving out this stored energy, in the form of visible light over a period of time after the light source has been turned off.

Because this is a physical process the effect of loading and emission is repeatable as often as the lifetime of a decorated product.

The ingredients of phosphorescent ink are nontoxic and are radioactive free.

Applications include;

  •  Marketing Promotional Items – giveaways for children, hidden discounts, special offer deals.
  •  Sporting goods.
  •  Safety products.
  •  Packaging for novelty items.

Commonly asked questions;

What colours are available and what are the glow times?
Our standard products appear either pale green or transparent and emit a green glow for up to two hours when fully charged.

What substrates can the Inks be printed on?
It is strongly recommended that Glow in the Dark Inks are printed over white substrate or ink to achieve optimum effect. Printing over transparent or coloured substrates can affect the printed shade and diminish glow. Please contact OPM for advice if a coloured substrate is to be specified.

Designers, brand owners, product manufacturers who are interested in the concept should come and talk to us

The opportunities are endless.