Peel & Reseal Labels

We are experts in the field of peel and re seal products, OPM’s die cut peel, and reseal labels are available for packaging normal (aqueous) to “hard to hold” products containing fragrances, alcohols, or germ killing disinfectants.

Peel and reseal labels work in the same way as Peel 2 Read labels but have a re-closing capability so they can be opened multiple times and resealed multiple times throughout the life of the product.

We have always offered : an Unlimited variety of label sizes and shapes, 9 colour printing plus foil options means exciting design opportunities, Easy open, access, and closure for consumer convenience, Tamper evident features available, Clear or white opaque labels.

Benefits & Features Include:

  • Ease of use for the consumer with finger-lift functionality and an adhesive designed to open and reseal time and time again
  • Typically the Product remains during its use and product lifespan in its own branded pack
  • Label dimensions, formats, functionality and materials are customised to individual customer specifications
  • High-quality printing techniques enable images and complicated designs on labels
  • Simple, Efficient & Quick installation on existing packaging lines

Applications include;

  •  Promotional Marketing – recipe suggestions, product explanation or linked brand promotions
  •  Scratch and sniff panels
  •  Wet Wipe tabs
  •  Security – authentication devices
  •  Ideal when increased information is required on space restrictive products or packaging
  •  Peel and Reseal Specifications
  •  Printable 9 colours on face
  •  Single colour on reverse (self adhesive)
  •  Bonds with self adhesive laminate using a permanent hinge in any configuration
  •  Can also be produced without a hinge to allow complete removal of top layer
  •  Can be die cut to any shape – OPM hold a number of existing shapes
  •  Peel here adhesive kill on face material to facilitate easy removal from carrier