Peel & Reseal

OPM Innovations – Peal and Re-sealable

Re-sealable, multi-ply labels are typically used on wipes and food products to provide extended text and graphics for consumer information.

The use of re-sealable labels has increased as consumers rely on the convenience of portable, easy-to-open, easy-to-close packaging. From snack foods to dry goods, to personal care and household wipes, a reliable re-sealable label can help retain product freshness and moisture, plus add to brand equity.

The label construction includes multiple plies of flexible printed materials using bonding agents and release coatings which allow for numerous openings and pre-closures.

Recent Innovation for Peel & Reseal Labels

OPM labels & Packaging group care passionately about creating, manufacturing and bringing to market new packaging designed to advance our customer’s brands and value globally.

Our creative and technical team drive changes in our products and performance by creating printed labels and packaging that challenge existing products in the marketplace. Our approach to packaging is a balance of function, technology-driven thinking and exceptional creativity. Through fresh and insightful thinking, our team create a luxury feel whilst adding value through print.

But recently we have created something new for the rigid label market.
We have engineered a product over the last two years under patent that not only seals in the moisture when the pack is full but even when the pack is partially used yet is also rigid enough to open and stay open whilst the tissue is removed then easily re-closed to create a moisture tight seal.

Designers, brand owners, product manufacturers who are interested in the concept should come and talk to us
The opportunities are endless.