No Label Look

No Label Look

The “No look label” also known as “clear on clear” gives the optical illusion that the design is silk screened direct onto the container. This product requires an ultra – clear film face stock, water-clear acrylic-emulsion adhesive and a clear PET liner.

The applications for clear labels are limitless – clear labels are frequently used on cosmetics, health & beauty, beer, wine & water bottles, and more.

These clear or translucent, thin film labels are perfect for showcasing graphics and allowing the colour of the product to shine through. On coloured containers, the label blends into the background colour.

On clear containers, the label is virtually invisible.

Labels are flexible, adhering to curved, synthetic, recessed glass or plastic much easier than paper labels. Plus, thin film can tolerate freezing, pasteurization, and moisture without losing adhesion strength or readability.

Clear labels can be made in almost every shape imaginable, and we have a huge selection of custom die shapes and clear materials to give you the best labels on the shelf.

Clear Label Tips

  • The colour of your ingredients, and your container, should be considered when designing a clear label. You may need to use white or black behind some design elements such as text to ensure readability.
  • If your product includes a barcode, it will have to be printed with a white background for  scan ability.
  • If your product is a unique color, use clear labels to highlight the product.
  • If you’d like some of the clear label to be opaque, you’ll need to use white ink (and plate) to provide a base for the color inks.