Your Market Sector

Your Market Sector

OPM Group produces prime labels and packaging for all key-end markets including the following:

Automotive – OPM supply specialised labels for the automotive industry including exterior, interior, and safety and security labels. OPM understand the importance of label performance during the production process and are driven to make sure your labels meet the specifications and perform under the toughest conditions – fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and resistance to abrasion and chemicals. The durable nature of our labels provides full traceability options for car manufacturers and their suppliers. Uses include Tyre Labelling, Instruction warning labels and under bonnet labels.

Beverage – Our packaging is used across all sectors of the beverage market from a designer water bottle label to a purely simple smoothie label to a functional flexible coffee bag. We supply sachets for dried beverage products ideal for sampling markets and promotions.

Beer Wine & Spirits – Wine bottle labels hold a special place in our collective heart. Would that be because we like fine wine? Who doesn’t? Or could it be the many awards we have won for our distinctive custom wine labels? Maybe. But seriously, it has to do with the elegance of fine wine, and the difference that a fine custom wine bottle label can bring to it, perhaps more than any other product. You can use your existing art or let our experienced design team develop your custom wine label design to suit your needs.

Chemical – Our products are used as packaging in the challenging environments created by the chemical industry. OPM offer you a range of face materials and adhesives to meet various criteria regarding adhesive performance, print permanence, abrasion resistance and capable of surviving extreme weather conditions. Tactile warning symbols and Braille can also be combined to custom printed labels as many EU countries require all toxic, harmful and flammable products carry a warning triangle which is especially relevant in this sector.

Uses include chemical drum labels, wood care products, specialist finishes

Cosmetics, Health & Beauty – Our award winning technical ability, quality and a wide variety of product constructions make us a great choice for producing health and beauty packaging. From highly decorative packaging including flow wrap, sachet laminate to resealable instruction labels, we can help your packaging perform better and brand stronger.

Uses include: supermarket labels, private Brands: shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions, face masks, wet wipes, cotton wool, shaving and deodorant ranges and nail varnish… to name but a few.

Data Processing/ Warehousing – OPM produce a wide variety of labels used in warehouse and data processing environments. Offering a variety of end uses including simple blank laser printable shipping labels, bar-coding, batch numbering to full colour variably imaged product tracked labels. OPM has what you need to make your warehousing and data processing processes run smoothly.

See OPM systems for additional solutions including Thermal Print Bureau.

Food – OPM has full accreditation to BRC/IOP (Global standard) for food packaging that allows us to produce a variety of products including a wide range of direct product packaging. OPM produce labels and flexible packaging which promote sales by differentiating your products from competition and attracting customers’ attention.

OPM works closely with customers to create appealing attractive food packaging, that meets requirements, such as: freezing, refrigeration, microwaving and storage conditions.

Food labels include standard labels as well as unique custom printed labels for applications, such as:
 supermarket labels: meat, bakery, grocery, deli, snacks, condiments, etc.

Contract Packing/ Manufacturing – OPM provides the packaging solutions – labels, laminates, flow wrap correct for application to contract packagers working in a variety of industries.

Markets and applications served include: Personal Care/ Health & Beauty, Food & Beverage, Supplements & Nutrition, Chemical & Industrial and Coffee & Tea.

OPM understands the importance of having a dependable supplier to keep your production line up and running efficiently to meet demanding deadlines. You’ll find a knowledgeable staff that understands the details of labels being automatically applied to tubs, bottles and various custom containers.

Medical – Medical and Pharmaceutical labelling takes on many forms, from a simple paper label on a drugs bottle to a label required for cryogenic freezing. OPM supply a wide range of products using special face stocks and/or adhesive combinations to meet the toughest of requirements for today’s medical and pharmaceutical labelling. OPM provide a reliable, efficient service to private and NHS hospitals and their service providers offering solutions without complications at the right price. OPM have provided medical label solutions with requests for removable, permanent, sequential numbering by location, colour coding, tamper evident, and hi-temperature labels.
Common uses: hospital labels, laboratory/ pharmacy/ practise labels and syringe labels, histological sample labels.

Pet/ Animal products – Today’s pet owners will buy only the best quality for their best friends. OPM offers pet food marketers speed-to-market, high-impact, high quality, eye-catching consumer-preferred packaging for pet food, medicines, toys and treats.

OPM also produce labels, and sachet laminate for a variety of equine and vetinary products. Sachets can also be used for food and non food applications, available in numerous sizes with a number of barrier options as well as safe and easy opening features that allow customers to design a unique package to meet specific product needs.

Security – OPM produce a wide selection of product security solutions. Security features can be added to existing packaging or can be integrated directly into the packaging.

OPM has a full line of tamper-evident security products to improve product authenticity while reducing retail theft and fraud.

These labels are used for at risk-applications from heavy-regulated pharmaceutical packaging and over-the-counter drugs, personal care products, to high-priced electronics, and trouble-free mail closures for consumer and manufacturer protection.

Security labels also help validate and detect product tampering.
For security features available see our label solutions

Supplement & Nutritional – OPM produce high quality packaging for the nutritional supplement market. From full colour product labels to printed laminate for specialist sachets our products will meet your needs for functionality and government guidelines.