Spotless Technology

Spotless Technology

Spot Colour Shelf Appeal without Spot Colour Inks

Spot colours are used heavily in packaging as a powerful tool in delivering a consistent brand message. They have shelf appeal and visual impact but can add extra cost, time and may mean that additional decoration such as screens and foils cannot be chosen due to restriction of print stations. Kodak’s new SPOTLESS Printing Solution unleashes a wider spectrum of spot colours with greater flexibility for marketers and a more efficient production process for OPM.

SPOTLESS software enables OPM to simulate spot colours with process inks, delivering the marketing and production value of spot colours without the spot colour ink costs whilst matching pantone accurately

Why use Spotless printing technology?

  • Reduce press down time, increase up time efficiency: Spot colours are simulated using screen tint builds of the base process colours. As a result, wash-ups between jobs are unnecessary, and down time is significantly reduced.
  • Avoid multiple passes or extended multi-unit presses: With one ink set providing a wide colour gamut, jobs do not require multiple runs through the press, nor the use of extended multi-unit presses.
  • Gang up jobs, enable shorter runs: The ability to deliver spot colour value with extended process colour builds allows printers with SPOTLESS Technology to combine jobs that traditionally required separate print runs.
  • Take advantage of more creative options: Designers are able to incorporate multiple spot colours according to their creative needs, rather than the limitations of a conventional spot colour production process. Release more stations for decorative effects – screens, varnishes, foils.