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Here are just some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we have recently answered for our clients. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us;

General Queries

What information do I need to get a quote?

Generally, in order for us to provide a quote we need details such as company name, contact information, item/project name, structure, size of label or package size, quantities , the number of colours in the artwork , material specifications (if known).

If you aren’t sure what flexible packaging structure or label material you need, we have an experienced team that can assist with material suggestions. If you need structure suggestions, it is helpful for us to know the type of filling equipment that will be utilized, the ingredients of the product, and the method of distribution.

Our experienced service team is available to walk you through the process.

How long does it take to get a quote?

With the information above, we aim to turn around a quote within 24 hours, usually within hours. Send your enquiries to our team by emailing us as at estimating@opmgroup.co.uk

What are your credit terms and what methods of payment do you accept?

We ask that all first-time customers use a credit card or proforma basis.

OPM accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cheque, cash on delivery or Net 30 terms (with approved credit application only).

If you will be purchasing printed labels or flexible packaging on a regular basis you are invited to download our credit application form on the website to set up an account. Please contact a customer service representative if you have any questions or concerns.

Do you have a local sales representative in my area? 

OPM Group has local sales personnel based locally throughout the UK.  If you would like to discuss your print requirement in person, feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.  Please contact the sales team by emailing sales@opmgroup.co.uk

What is OPM’s maximum web width for printing?

OPM’s current maximum web width for both labels and flexible packaging is 560 mm.

What is the maximum number of colours you can produce?

OPM can print up to 9 colours.

What are OPM’s typical lead times for packaging film or self-adhesive labels?

Typically, for standard new orders, lead times are 10 days, and for repeat orders, lead times are 5 days. Raw material availability may increase these time frames. If new artwork is not approved swiftly by project stakeholders the date of print may also be subject to change.

If you’re under tight deadlines, let us know and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

How do I submit an artwork file?

Several options are available:

Where can I find OPM’s artwork guideline specifications?

Our graphic specifications can be found in the download section

Can someone help me with my label or packaging design?

Absolutely! Whether you have an idea what you want or you would like us to imagine it for you, we have graphic designers who are experts at setting up artwork that will get your product noticed.

How quickly can I get a proof?

That is up to you.

If a PDF proof is acceptable and you are able to provide artwork to us, then you will receive your proof the same day. If we have to create new artwork, your proof will be ready within 3 business days. The more complex the label or flexible packaging job, the more important it is to check results early in the process, before making plates or printing.

Utilising the GMG proof workflow at OPM, we can manage colour expectation and ensure corrections can be made prior to print, minimising cost and effort.

What are the benefits of a GMG proof?

Open Colour GMG Proofs are colour corrected to match material substrate to correctly assess widest variety of substrates.

The proof accurately shows trapping and overprints’– inks printed on top of each other, previously unattainable, an openColor proof can now accurately simulate a printed result.

It easy to view white layers on silver and clear material.

Proofs on clear, silver or white substrate.

What is a press approval?

A press approval is the process of being onsite during the printing phase of the manufacturing process for a specific item. A press approval allows you to approve colours and the overall look of the item as its being printed.

How do I arrange a press approval?

At the beginning stages of your project, you may contact your OPM Sales representative or the Customer services team to arrange a press approval

What kind of ink systems does OPM use?

OPM uses low migration Flexographic UV inks

Do you form and fill packages?

No, we supply custom-engineered, printed or unprinted: multilayer flexible packaging roll stock

We can also supply premade pouches (such as stand-up pouches) which are formed, filled, and sealed by contract packaging companies or by manufacturers with packaging equipment.

We work with an extensive network of contract packaging companies and can refer you to a contract packaging company if you need forming, filling, and sealing capabilities.

Technical Queries

What is an eye mark?

An eye mark is a small rectangular printed area (usually of contrasting colour to the background) located near the edge of a web or design. The eye mark reader is triggered by the eye mark as the web passes by, to control register of the printed design with subsequent form, fill or seal equipment or operations.

An eye mark tracking path (or channel) is a pathway between the eye marks that the eye mark reader is tracking. Generally this pathway should be clear of obstructing design or text.

What is a plate gap?

A plate break is a non-print area where the two ends of flexographic plate butt together after being wrapped around the plate cylinder on the printing press.

What is a filler plate?

A cover plate is a designed to print a solid colour to cover a plate break. The cover plate will be wider than the plate break to ensure it completely covers the plate break. This results in a double hit of colour on each side of the plate break.

What is an ITR plate?

The continuous plate is essentially a round photopolymer printing plate. Thin, flexible, and light-weight, the continuous plate will eliminate mounting as the entire job is imaged from the digital file. The complete surface can be imaged allowing for continuous, endless designs and seamless printing. Using a regular Flexo plate to print such a job would result in a gap or seam where the plate’s ends butt up against each other, which would show up in the printed product.

How do you manage Colour Consistency?

CXF, Pantone Reference or Colour Swatch received from customer for matching.

Ink formulations and GMG calculations are prepared by the Reprographic and Ink Departments.

In the Ink Lab, Print samples are created onto the correct substrate and an electronic colour standard is produced.

A GMG Proof is created by the Reprographic department for approval of colour reference by the customer

For added consistency, at production the job is checked against CXF/electronic standard using a spectrophotometer.

Job is passed off for consistency with customer approved GMG Proof and production can commence.

All colour data and printed samples are stored ready for the next time the job is produced.

What is Delta E?

Delta E is a colour tolerance measurement.  It is the measurement of a “sample” colour compared to a “reference” colour and uses a colour difference equation to find the value.

In addition to our colour quality software, OPM also has Ink Manager 6.0, a software package that allows spectral data to be converted into a specific ink formulation that’s press ready. In conjunction with our ink supplier, we have access to an extensive, Europe-wide colour database that uses single pigment base inks to make the finished inks used on our clients’ packaging.

What is a die/cutter?

A die is a tool responsible for cutting the shape of the label out of the material.  The material is shipped to us in large rolls.  The ink, uv or laminate is added to the label material before it is die-cut.  A die to the material is like a cookie cutter to dough.  Therefore, we have developed a large die library over the past 20 years.

If the shape and size of my label are unique and I cannot use a die from the OPM library what do I need to do?

If you have an outline of your shape, we can create a die line and email it to you for approval, permanent tooling – dies will then be created.

Q: Do you print Peel and reveal Labels?

(Also known by other names – Booklet labels, IRCs, (instant redeemable coupons), peel off labels, dry peel labels and on pack labels).

When space limitations restrict the amount of copy on a label, it is possible to include on a single layer label, a multi-layer peel and reveal label offers the solution.

OPM has advanced combination presses custom built for and dedicated to peel and reveal / pack coupon labels. We can manufacture multi-page labels up to 4 sides (2 pages) featuring both graphics and text.

OPM offer a wide range of peel and reveal labels with a self-adhesive base label incorporating a dry removable top layer to reveal extra print surfaces. Peel and reveal label constructions offer unlimited possibilities for solving the problem of overcrowded labels.

These innovative labels easily accommodate:

Multi-languages, lengthy instructions, additional information, guidelines recipes, cooking instructions, nutritional information, cross-promotion coupons to name a few.

If you need to increase the amount of information on your product but do not want to or cannot increase the size of your current packaging.

Do you carry out any onsite testing of products at OPM?

The QA team utilise sophisticated quality testing equipment to ensure product conformity. This includes the Hanatek PIRA Rub Tester, Hanatek Advanced Friction Tester (for measuring coefficients of friction as well as the bond strength of laminates), Gloss Meter, SpectroEye Spectrophotometer for colour and finally the RDM Bar Sealing unit.

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