OPM has over 20 years of experience in print, providing industry-leading print innovations and unrivalled reliability to help your packaging and labels gain that competitive edge.

Innovative Packaging is fundamental to the success of a product, for both primary product and decoration and for a variety of functional purposes to gain unique brand identity.

OPM work in partnership with our clients to ensure they have an understanding of the print and packaging decoration process, and are focused on identifying opportunities to reduce cost.

As well as providing stunning on shelf graphics for retail brands, self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging can be used as anti-counterfeiting devices, security, as creative carriers of promotional messages and for tracking and stock control purposes.

The purpose of OPM’s Innovations section on our website is to help brand owners and end users increase their knowledge of the latest developments and to illustrate the benefits and flexibility of various finishing options and combinations OPM have available to fit both requirements and budget.