Leeds-based OPM Group has been awarded Zero Labels 2 Landfill certification for its efforts to reduce the impact on the environment by diverting waste from landfill sites.

The certificate was issued by BPIF Labels following confirmation from Prismm Environmental that OPM’s waste was being treated according to the scheme’s compliance requirements.

Prismm also introduced various equipment to accommodate the waste being produced by OPM and maximise efficiency at the company. A baler, an on-site compactor, and various bins were introduced to encourage waste stream segregation, and the OPM teams received training as to the benefits to the environment of recycling as well as from a health and safety perspective in the correct usage of equipment.

‘OPM take their environmental responsibility seriously,’ said Chris Ellison, managing director. ‘We are proud to assure our customers that their label products are being produced with as little impact on the environment as possible.’

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