The print shop of the future will need to integrate its graphics and business management systems and diversify into profitable niches. This is just what OPM Group has done.

Leading UK converter OPM (Labels & Packaging) Group has trebled its turnover in the last ten years by embracing flexible packaging, investing in leading edge equipment, and developing a training culture rooted in customer service.

‘Our turnover really shot up in 2010 when we ramped up on our customer satisfaction,’ says managing director Chris Ellison. This is reflected in OPM’s twice yearly customer surveys and in the increasing amount of work the company is winning. Delighting the end customer has been a multi-faceted process at OPM, but its roots are in a well-trained, confident and enthusiastic workforce backed by a supportive management.

As far back as 1999 OPM was a pioneer in diversifying from labels into flexible packaging, and the ability efficiently to convert multiple substrates is driving OPM’s continued success.

‘Increasingly, customers are asking for a one-stop shop for all their packaging decoration needs, and this is where all OPM’s expertise comes together,’ says Chris Ellison. ‘We can capture the full range of customer packaging requirements from PS labels to flow wraps and sachets. Our expertise in color management means we can guarantee brand consistency across multiple substrates.’

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