The best brands demand the best people. It’s for this reason that we believe in investing in all of our staff by providing them with the opportunity to succeed and deliver their full potential and ambitions in a supportive and energetic team environment.

OPM firmly believe our people are at the heart of everything we do and we provide them with training and development programmes. It means we are more likely to keep our talented individuals within the business – benefitting us and our customers.

Sue Broadley who resides in the Accounts Department has graduated with flying colours from the OPM Audit Training Academy.

Sue has graduated from the QA class of internal auditing, which allows her to join the ranks alongside James Tyson (Compliance Manager) and Heidi Coleano (QA Manager).

Both Heidi and James had input into Sue’s training to make sure she was fluent in the principles of auditing. Heidi and James have both received audit training for ISO9001:2008 as well as ISO9001:2015.

Heidi states “It’s really good to bring a new body onto the auditing team and she has a keen eye for detail”

The OPM Training Academy covers a variety of Industry role specific subjects – as well as requirements for auditors.

We don’t believe in restricting people’s learning opportunities and the nature of the academy and department mentors, means that this is offered to employees at all levels and all business areas – including sales, finance, customer services, production and logistics.