Certification to guarantee the best quality for our customers

OPM (labels & packaging) Group has been certified HD flexo by ESKO. The printing quality is recognised and guaranteed, allowing OPM to print graphically innovative products for the labels and packaging market. Our team are happy to offer you full support on all your projects involving HD Flexo.

Esko is celebrated for setting the highest standards for HD flexographic printing and the label and packaging printers that achieve the certification are leading the way in terms of innovative flexographic printing.

To receive certification, OPM produced five prints on which HD Flexo had been applied and submitted them to Esko’s Technical Competence Centre in Germany. Print specialists at Esko then evaluated the work against its high definition standard using colour measurement and repro quality assessment.

The team at OPM are committed to understanding and applying the latest technological developments with a dedication to excellence and innovation that drives all our work at OPM. Supporting clients to ensure their brands stay at the forefront print technology and stand out in their sector. (The proud Repro Team pictured above with the Esko Certificate)

OPM (labels & packaging) Group has achieved high growth and high technical excellence in the last five years since its relocation to a lean manufacturing facility in Leeds, with continuous investment in technology and software for repro, prepress and printing equipment.

The Esko certification confirms that OPM (Labels & Packaging) is a market leader in high quality flexographic printed labels & packaging.