OPM Group is a shining example of a lean operation where each piece of equipment has its place and each person functions as an invaluable cog in the wheel. Strong leadership by management who are confident in their employees’ ability characterises the Leeds-based printing company. Neel Madsen paid The Colour Box a visit.

Having moved into new modern premises on the outskirts of Leeds in 2013, owners Chris and Sue Ellison are very clear about how they want to run their company, and their vision has been carried through every aspect of the business.

‘The move into what was essentially an empty box, gave us the opportunity to build an optimised workflow according to lean principles and completely customise our facility to our needs,’ said Sue Ellison. ‘We designed an open plan factory where walls are low, every room has a window and everyone can visually connect. This promotes a team environment and enhances communication.’

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