Pet/Animal Products

Pet/Animal Products

OPM produces labels and packaging for a number of specialist animal health businesses including for food producing animals, the equine market and for pets such as dogs and cats.

Animal health products are the tools used by veterinarians and food producers to keep animals healthy and may include medicines, feed additives and vaccines.

Veterinary Sector

OPM Group provides innovative labels & flexible packaging to meet the unique requirements of the Veterinary Sector. OPM are fully certified to PS9000:2011

This certificate testifies that we are audited by the Pharmaceutical Quality Group (PQG) of the Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA), so that you have a guarantee that OPM labels & flexible packaging products are manufactured to the required standard of GMP within the pharmaceutical packaging supply industry.

OPM utilise GMP processes, 100% Electronic Inspection and low migration inks.

Pets and livestock require safe and secure packaging for veterinary medicine and vaccines, nutritional supplements, food and other animal care products. Packaging should be ultimately designed to care for the animals. Packaging solutions from OPM meet that challenge.

OPM offers animal health companies the complete package, including expanded content labelling solutions, folding cartons, printed literature, cold chain solutions, and brand protection, tamper evident seals, supply chain solutions and much more. As a single source solution, OPM Healthcare can provide complete packaging kits or individual solutions focused on user-friendliness for the vet or vet technician administering the product, and ease of use for more accurate pet care.

The packaging of animal health products plays an important role in making animal health a better and more productive business, to the benefit of all parties involved: manufacturers, distributors, veterinarians, vet technicians and the animals under their care.

OPM manufacture laminates, flow wraps and labels for the UK pet food market three main product sectors: dog food, cat food and other pet food (small animal feed, bird seed and fish food) the food products packaged and labelled include moist food, dry food, and treats/snacks.

Ideas for Animal Product labels;

  • Clear on clear material ‘no-look’ labels
  • Screen print
  • Waterproof laminated labels
  • Sachets up to 10 colours
  • Flow Wrap
  • Peel and reseal colour matched to labels and sachets


  • Prime Product labels
  • Equine Care Product labelling shampoos, tack cleaner etc.
  • Batch Code labels for medicines