Horticulture Packaging

Horticulture packaging comes in many shapes and forms due to the range of products that fall into this category. OPM can create the packaging you need to safely transport and effectively display and sell your products. We produce a wide variety of labels for plant retail as well as labels and packaging for feeds, seeds and weed killers etc.

For those with some, limited, little or no knowledge of plants, the label can make or break a sale as well as subsequent customer satisfaction, influencing whether they will return for a repeat experience. Four colour printing on the front and reverse of the labels is also on the increase, with growers taking the opportunity to incorporate more imagery. We also produce peel and reveal labels in this sector increasing the selling and growing information available.

Our team also keeps in the mind the importance of the appearance of the packaging and designs appropriately to make sure the packaging is as fantastic as the products within.