OPM Group provides innovative labels & flexible packaging to meet the unique requirements of the healthcare & pharmaceuticals markets. OPM are fully certified to PS9000:2011

This certificate testifies that we are audited by the Pharmaceutical Quality Group (PQG) of the Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA), so that you have a guarantee that OPM labels & flexible packaging products are manufactured to the required standard of GMP within the pharmaceutical packaging supply industry.

OPM utilise GMP processes, 100% Electronic Inspection and low migration inks.

One of the advantages of working with OPM, a true single source supplier, is our ability to provide both labels and flexible packaging. Sourcing all your print needs from one source ensures brand consistency, accurate colour management, eliminates multiple suppliers, simplifies the supply chain and products can be delivered together offering a dynamic delivery solution.

OPM Group manufactures self-adhesive healthcare label products and flexible packaging to specific customer requirements. The labels and flexible packaging are supplied on a roll for automated high-speed application and can be produced on a wide range of substrates including plastic films, paper and laminate materials for different containers. Our technical knowledge ensures the label products have the right adhesive for permanence, repositionability and tamper evidence, while our 100 % inspection units check for print accuracy. Following stringent QC systems and utilising automated workflows OPM ensure control from origination to final production.

Our Solutions Include

Extended / expanded -content label

Changing regulatory requirements and multilingual information drive the need for expanded content in labels.
OPM’s pressure-sensitive, multiplayer extended-content labels and two- or three-ply Peel 2 Read are the perfect solution to provide extra space for instructions, translations, legal text, patient information and ingredients. By helping to reduce handling and eliminate mislabelling, they can increase production efficiency.
Manufactured in a GMP environment designed for servicing the needs of the healthcare industry, our labels can be tailored for a wide range of constructions to fit your unique packaging needs for your specific application.

Sachets, Foil, Pouches, Lidding film

Flexible Packaging from OPM includes medical grade sachets, flow wraps, pouches, and lidding film that seal products in packaging that is resistant to tampering, contamination, spoilage with the correct barrier properties to suit your products.

Reclosure Labels

OPM produce a re-sealable label designed specifically for personal and healthcare applications.

A patented product that suits a broad range of wet-wipe applications. Consumers using re-sealable labels want easy-open/easy-close portability. Our solution provides a clean and smooth peel, solvent resistance and locks in moisture.

Multiple opening/closure (up to 80 times). Clean removability from PET and PP substrates.

Smooth and quiet peel on PET and PP substrates.

Blister and Foil Packs

Blister and Foil Packs are high quality packages that ensure a long shelf-life while protecting its contents. They address FDA regulations while providing the most advanced, cost effective and secure form of pharmaceutical packaging available.