Here at OPM we are proud of our team, their qualities, skills and qualifications make them great at what they do every day – But it is their passion that makes them the best at what they do.

OPM are proud to share an interest and support the passion behind our people.

And so would like to share that passion with you ….

Our Personal Motivation Matthew’s Passion

By Matthew Barrett | Credit Control 

Table Tennis is my passion

I used to play table tennis as most of us would back in the day in my local youth club. I would’ve been about 12 years old and with various youth clubs in the area did play quite a lot but never competitively or in a league. I was fortunate enough to have a table in my bedroom albeit tight for space you could still manage a good game.

Until two years ago I hadn’t played for over 30 years, when a friend of mine mentioned he had been playing at the local business centre at Keighley Table Tennis Club. We organised a game and another one of our friends was in the same situation, played when he was younger and not played for a long time. We visited a couple of times and found out about a league, so we entered a team in the 2016 summer league called AC Allstars. We did OK and finished about 4th. We then entered the winter league for the first time that year and started in Div 4. We finished second in the league and I finished second in the individual averages. We were promoted to Div 3 last year which we went on to win and I finished 1st in the individual averages. This year we have been promoted to Div 2, which I am sure will prove to be even harder again!!!!

They have a great set up at Keighley Table Tennis club offering coaching sessions to young and old alike. It is a dedicated floor with ten tables all separated from each other where anybody can go and play for a small fee each time you play without having to join as a member.

I thoroughly enjoy playing and it never ceases to amaze me the wide range of men, women, old and young, children, girls and boys. It really is a sport anybody could play and enjoy.

# Team P W D L SF SA PA Points
1 AC All Stars 21 18 3 0 158 52 0 158
2 Crossflatts A 21 11 6 4 120 90 0 120
3 Tofs Craven A 21 7 5 9 106 104 0 106
4 Fastbats D 21 8 3 10 104 105 0 104
5 Nomads D Ilkley Road 21 9 3 9 97 112 0 97
6 Haworth Goshawks 21 6 6 9 97 113 0 97
7 St Wilfs B 20 5 3 12 78 122 0 78
8 Fastbats E 20 3 3 14 69 131 0 69