Decorative Labels

OPM Prime labels will help you build brand presence.

We reflect our clients’ brands and quality within their high end labels to create an identity that will leave a positive, long-lasting impression with consumers. In the world of product manufacturing whatever the sector, it’s not only what’s inside the package that counts. More often than not, it is the label or packaging itself that entices and creates loyalty among customers to the manufacturer’s brand.

Ultimately, packaging materials may be “throwaways,” but their role in profitability, brand loyalty, product integrity and appeal is essential. The characteristics of our prime labels and packaging – design and graphics, the visual appeal of colour, its ability to keep the product safe; the quality and type of materials used; and the ease and convenience of handling – define a brand’s personality. Packaging provides a powerful communication tool that is synonymous with your brand.

OPM’s production capabilities in up to nine colours and a wide range of decorative print effect combinations are the essential complement to your product. It means we can give a free rein to customer’s creative ideas for boosting packaging impact with a comprehensive range of finishes that includes lamination, texture, cold foiling, screen printing and shiny, matt or tactile touch effect.