Kodak Flexcel NX System

Kodak Flexcel NX System

The OPM Group has become a user of the Kodak Flexcel NX System with the Kodak Digicap NX Screening technology .

The Kodak system consists of a specially formulated Kodak Flexcel NX Thermal Imaging Layer exposed on a Kodak Flexcel NX  imager . After imaging, the thermal layer is laminated to the Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic Plate using the Kodak Flexcel NX Laminator, a process that removes the oxygen from between the layer and the plate, resulting in the creation of high-quality, flat-top dots.

The Benefits

  • Imaging stability and predictability
  • True 1:1 image reproduction
  • Stable flat top dot structure providing consistent quality and repeatability on press
  • Smaller minimum dots
  • Excellent ink transfer and¬†impression latitude with full tonal range
  • Reduced make ready times and increased run lengths

OPM has found that the Flexcel NX Plates offer a wider tonal range than their conventional digital counterparts, as well as brighter highlights.

The FLEXCEL NX System’s newest feature, DIGICAP NX Screening delivers outstanding improvements in ink transfer. The plate offers smoother ink coverage and higher densities throughout the full tonal range with a lower ink laydown and fewer plates that split solids and tones. It’s all about increased quality and reduced costs.

OPM has committed to a process of pressroom optimisation with respect to screening choices, anilox selection, backing tapes, inks, drying rates, and press speed to get the very best from press and plates.

Our Printers run much higher ink densities, achieve a larger colour gamut, and run lower-volume anilox rolls, resulting in higher line screens and finer highlights.

OPM can give the designer more freedom to work with vignettes, highlight fades, and multiple colour mixes.