Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

OPM are committed to ensuring consistent quality

Our team of experienced quality and technical personnel have over 25 years of experience within the industry. With this combined knowledge we strive to ensure the product is right, first time, every time. OPM’s commitment to quality is second to none driven from the top down.

Testing and Analysis

The QA team have access to sophisticated quality testing equipment to ensure product conformity. This includes the Hanatek PIRA Rub Tester, Hanatek Advanced Friction Tester (for measuring coefficients of friction as well as the bond strength of laminates), Gloss Meter, SpectroEye Spectrophotometer for colour and finally the RDM Bar Sealing unit.

Preventative Quality Measures

Inline with our accreditation(s) to ISO 9001:2015 and Grade ‘AA’ high risk BRC, each step of the production process is controlled with quality in mind. Critical Control Points are in place throughout the production process, for example First Impression Checks; ensuring conformity at the point of print.