Lean Business Solutions

Lean Business Solutions
As an innovative Print provider with a broad portfolio of solutions, it is imperative that we identify and pursue a clear pathway to sustained growth. OPM continuously develop, engage and improve business processes applying lean manufacturing principles to ensure that our manufacturing facilities, people and processes meet every step of our supply chain and address every partner’s need.

In order to provide the array of high quality printed labels and packaging that our customers depend on, the OPM workflow uses a fully integrated MIS System. This ‘route to manufacture’ gives our team full traceability of every job’s progress during its lifecycle. Electronically, we can track and send job data to devices and record production activity such as device speed, operation and percentage complete. This gives us an accurate insight into resource usage and costing functionality. Tharstern MIS empowers OPM to take control of your production capabilities, manage delivery deadlines, optimise capacity and react to ever-changing demands and priorities.

  • Streamlines and automates OPM’s production and business workflows from estimate to delivery
  • Reports key information –if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it
  • Provides strong, reliable data to improve communication between our team and our customers