Here at OPM we are proud of our team, their qualities, skills and qualifications make them great at what they do every day – But it is their passion that makes them the best at what they do.

OPM are proud to share an interest and support the passion behind our people.

And so would like to share that passion with you ….

Our Personal Motivation Sue’s Passion

By Sue Broadley | Credit Controller

Scouting is my passion


It all started around 18 months ago where I was asked by my sons to consider helping out with the local Scouts Group as they had been going for some years, first in Beavers then to Cubs and finally Scouts, I said yes and today still continue to assist with the Scouts Leader on a weekly basis.

Firstly, I had to go before the members who agreed that I would be accepted to be a Scouts Assistant, then the fun began.

I had to have a DBS check through the Scouting Organisation and meet with our District Trainer, who arranged for me to go on numerous courses, such as Safe Guarding, First Aid Course, Planning for Camps, Health & Safety, and these are just a few to say the least.



wallThe Scouts group (For all sections) get together once every two months to discuss anything required such as fund-raising events, St Georges Parade, Remembrance Sunday Parades, Annual Gala, Presentation Nights, Annual Camping Weekends, arranging Bonfire Night & Christmas Parties.

The normal weekly activities are planned between the Scout Leader and myself in advance, so we can have everything ready in place, whether its Badge Work or FUN Activities such as wall climbing above.

See below our planner already for 2018 as an example – This is constantly being updated with more and more activities, but just gives an idea as to what we do and the time we spend arranging things – all out of the goodness of our hearts. I was advised before I became a Scouts Assistant that it is only 1 hour a week out of your life…….. who were they trying to kid ha-ha.


Scouting takes a lot of preparation & organising, so we can all enjoy the fun elements that go with being part of the Organisation, but if you like a challenge like me and when you see the kids enjoying themselves it makes it all worth-while.

Believe me, it’s been a great experience so far, as I too also learn things along with Scouts which I may have not done either, such as raft building and building our own outside camping stoves which we do use weather permitting.




One thing in which our group is proud of is that Maisie in the above pictures, has been a successful candidate for the

World Jamboree 2019 which is being held in West Virginia, USA.

The pressure is really on now as this 13-year-old has her work cut out, in which she is having to Fund Raise £3,600 this year to be able to be part of these great opportunity, meeting scouting groups from all around the world and taking part in many Scouting events, but on a massive scale.

I am sure you all agree this is a once in a life time opportunity for Maisie and hope she manages to raise the funds necessary.

Click on the link to the website for the Jamboree if anyone is interested in looking at this amazing venue and its activities being held

So, the Scout Leader, myself, Maisie and her mum are putting together several fund-raising events to help assist with raising of the monies necessary, but if anyone would like to make a donation or is happy to sponsor her as I know she will be doing a sponsored walk on the 13.05.18 it would be much appreciated.

OPM has been happy to sponsor Maisie £100 towards her journey …please help if you can.

A Just Giving Page has been set up by Maisie’s mum –
Please help as any donations are greatfully appreciated!