Here at OPM we are proud of our team, their qualities, skills and qualifications make them great at what they do every day – But it is their passion that makes them the best at what they do.

OPM are proud to share an interest and support the passion behind our people.

And so would like to share that passion with you ….


Our Personal Motivation – Heidi’s Passion

By Heidi Coleano | QA/H&S Manager 

My first memories of racing were Sunday mornings, strange men wandering around the garage, shouting, laughing and most of the time swearing because engines wouldn’t start and always a smell of petrol. The open back Bedford CF being jump started because it hadn’t moved since the week before as the battery had gone flat. I soon realised the strange men weren’t strange they were mechanics preparing my dad’s and my mum’s stockcars for the days racing at Sunnyvale in Hipperholme Halifax. That’s when I have clear memories of my love affair with stockcar racing beginning, I was about 5 years old. It was a proper family affair my dad raced #77 my mum raced #76 and it wasn’t long before I was put behind the wheel (junior races known as ministox).


Sunnyvale eventually closed and became a land fill site – very sad to think of it as I had the best times there as kid running around in my overalls pretending to help around the car but mostly getting in the way. The racing continued at a track called “Brampton” but it wasn’t the same and eventually life takes you on different courses and racing took a back seat for a few years.

All grown up and in a position to reignite the affair with stockcar racing my brother (Rudi) and we took the plunge and decided to buy a Brisca F1 a bespoke single seater chassis mean machine considered the most powerful car of short oval full contact racing 650bhp of loveliness! On and off we raced when we could up and down the country work and budget allowing. Due to unexpected circumstances the racing once again had to take a back seat and we had to put our beloved F1 known as “Maggie 76” (mums name and race number) into retirement.

Things got back on track, and missing the sport I love so much considered racing F1s again but the costs involved had gone through the roof and were far out of my league so I bought and started racing Brisca V8s the little sister to the Brisca F1s they look very similar in design but are far more forgiving on the pocket as its very tightly regulated to keep the sport achievable and accessible for all. My V8 has 400bhp (as appose to the mighty F1’s 650bhp) but still hurts the same when hitting another car or the fence!!


As much as I hate it… I have started to take a back seat racing wise, the hits feel harder, the bruises are taking longer to heal… so Rudi is piloting my V8 and flying the Coleano flag at the moment. He recently raced in the V8 world final at Buxton where he was motoring and picking up places only to get caught up with a back marker and suffer a puncture. Not realising the ever decreasing tyre he really pushed on but the tyre gave way and blew so he had to retire to the infield with less than two laps to go! Gutted. The racing calendar runs from March to November at various tracks (shale & Tarmac) across the UK, we race as and when we can but it’s mainly for fun. It’s an amazing sport with highs and lows and will always hold a special place in my heart it’s just a shame we have to get old!!

Next meetings:

8th October – Belle Vue Speedway, Manchester

21st October – Brafield Speedway, Kings Lynn

29th October – Northampton International Speedway

4th November – Stoke Raceway

12th November – Belle Vue Speedway, Manchester

Team Coleano Heidi #177 Rudi #77